What a busy week!
Monday morning, what a surprise in our class: we have an aquarium with 6 fishes. We feed them every morning.
We improved our fine motor skills and wrote the first letter of our first name and we have reconstructed it through visual discrimination. Then we drew our face. But we also worked on our agility to climb, jump, crawl and make flip. We continued our learning of numbers, colors and shape. And finally, Friday was :”la Chandeleur “ (Candlemas) so we made crepes since beginning of the recipe until the crepes are cooked


We learned the letters of our new month –février– and differentiated the upper and lower letters. We learned that some words have accents. We finished our unit on cold and hot and reviewed all of our winter vocabulary. In maths we manipulated groups of objects and made hypothesis about which groups had the most and the least. We worked on our spatial concepts with the puzzles from Roule galette and the marmotte.


The activities of the week were centered around the theme of winter (l’hiver). We learned a new song Dans mon pays d’hiver.
We manipulated uppercase and lowercase letters and worked on writing the words of the winter imagery.  The children had a cutting and gluing activity on    the winter clothes’ vocabulary: Manteau, bottes echarpe gants bonnet  etc

We did some math too : enumeration of snowflakes ? recognition and writing of numbers.