2’s – Milaure

Such an exciting week! We had our field trip to the farm for Halloween.
Most of our activities for this week were focused on Halloween theme;
We revised Halloween’s vocabulary that we learned the week before (CITROUILLE, FANTÔME, SORCIÈRE, BALAI,…) through the nusery ryhmes and the lotto game.
We painted a pumpkin (CITROUILLE).
We had to put together the part of the wicth’s body and we decorated a card of Happy Halloween for our dear parents. On that card, we created a witch (SORCIERE) using an imprint of our little hands. That was lovely to see.
By the way, we also worked on cutting up the play dough with cissors, we keep practicing on the recognition of our first name initials and of the number one.
Finally having that field trip to Phillips farm was just wonderful for everyone either for parents, children and teachers. We had a great time of fellowship and we all had fun.

3’s – Laurence

The children continued their work on emotions: fear and anger. They all had fun playing witches and pretending to be terrorized!
We all had a lovely time at the pumpkin patch. We sure were blessed with wonderful weather.
The children’s favorite book this week was:Le p’tit bonhomme des bois.
We created a few puzzles with the book cover.
We added more sizes to our games. We are now recognizing different small, medium and large objects.
We organize them from big to small or small to big.
Be on the lookout for a sign up sheet ( yep! Another one!) at my door.
Next week we will be starting our unit on… vegetable.
Just like we did with the fruit, the children will study, draw and… eat their veggies. Yes! It will happen!
The week of Thanksgiving they will actually cook a friendship soup to share at lunch time.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!!

This week  we discovered the French vocabulary of Halloween. We had to find the letters of the world ‘CITROUILLE’ (pumpkin). We had to recognize few words in capital letters. But we also began to work with lowercase letters.

We painted a lot. The teacher gave us a lot of colors and we had to be very careful not to mix them. We also used small  brushes to paint small spaces. Our teacher was very proud of us. She told us that it was a very difficult exercise and we did very well.

The fear was the emotion of the week. We saw pictures of people being scared. We tried to do a scared face we also screamed, but that was not for real!!!

We learnt how to send witches home in a song. We just have to say very loud: ‘retourne chez toi !’

We read a lot of books about witches and toad.

We played a game called ‘loto’: one of us describe a picture and we have to find out if we have the same. It’s not easy because the pictures are a bit strange sometimes. We have fun playing this game.

And of course, on Wednesday we went to Phillip’s farm. That was a wonderful day and we had a lot of fun.