2’s – Milaure


We are already in the Christmas spirit!
This week, you have learned Christmas words like : PERE NOEL ?,CADEAUX ? , TRAINEAU, RENNE ,HOTTE, SAPIN DE NOEL?,LUTIN… Our favorite story was “Tchoupi fete noel”. It was full of Christmas vocabulary.
Also it was so exciting to decorate the Christmas tree all together! Nobody can’t wait to be on Christmas. We are learning a song called: “PERE NOEL frappe à la porte” that we will also sing to our Christmas show.
On our posting board next to the class, you guys will find a Christmas tree that we are about to light up with the fir ball we made.
By the way, we did some evaluations on paper of our previous work: the recognition of the number 1 and the vegetables. We keep working on our fine motor skill to get prepare for the writing.
For next week don’t forget parents, we gonna have our library day on Monday and Tuesday.




3’s – Laurence


Tis the Christmas season!

We are rehearsing all of our songs for the program ?, reading Christmas books, doing a Christmas craft, comparing different sizes of Christmas things and decorating our sapin de Noël ?.

We are soooo excited!





4’s – Anne-Cecile


This week we have been working on “syllables” again. We had to listen to carefully and found if we could hear an “a “in the word. Then we had to found if this sound was in the first or the second syllable. We learnt also how to write the letter “A” or “a”. We did the same with the ”I”.

We have been learning a new song about elephants and the number 5.


We sing this song until there are 5 elephants on the web.

We have known that number for a while but now we are learning that 5 can also be 1+4, 4+1, 2+3 or 3+2. We used the elephants to understand that. It’s still a challenge!!!

We have been speaking of Christmas of course. We have been learning new words in both upper and lowercase.

Big news! we decorated our Christmas tree. It is so beautiful!!! All the children did it together: that was a great moment!





All the little hands of l’Ecole got involved and helped to decorate our “Roi des forêts” !