Vertical lines again and again…

We built houses for our animals and now the rain doesn’t wet them any more.

 We learnt the words grand et petit (big and little). First we pasted 2 different size of colored paper web. We had to ask for them to our teacher : for example un petit bleu (little blue) or un grand rose (big pink). That was difficult because we were more interested in manipulating the glue than asking !  We had also to put little frogs in the little house and the big ones in the big house meanwhile some of us had to create an algorithm with pompoms.

We used colored bears from different size and we put them into recipients. Then we tried to transfer to another one without let some bears leave…Some of us chose to sort the bears by colors. That was very funny, we enjoyed this activity a lot.

As we guessed last week we used clothes pins a lot, and particularly to review the colors.

We trained to water our plantings without getting water everywhere. We had to put a little bit of water, it was difficult to stop, we had to be very concentrate. Finally we succed, and that is very good because we have to water our planting every day !



We continued our study on: le pont, and this week discovered that m is not only a pont, but a double pont!!
We practiced writing it on the white board and on our worksheet.
We manipulated the letters of our  new month and wrote them.
We reviewed our straight lines letters and played a game of hide and seek with them.
We are reviewing our numbers from 1 to 10 in playing matching games.



This week, the kids did activities related to uppercase and lowercase letters. They practiced writing of B/ b and E/e.
We worked on the vowels’ sound.
They also practing counting and writing the numbers from 10 to 19.
They did graphic design.