TPS1 (2’s) – Caroline & Clarisse

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS1.
First, I would like to thank Sophie and Milaure for giving me the opportunity to join L’ecole. I am delighted to be here and to support the program that Milaure already has in place.

My biggest goal for the week was to create a smooth transition with replacing Milaure.We emphasized introducing ourselves during Circle Time, as we also welcomed a new student. I highlighted welcoming new friends and showing manners and using names to quickly become friends.
This theme of “Unity” tied in perfectly to how we are learning to listen, express ourselves and respect each other.
So as not to add too many changes all at once, we continued learning the Ainsi Font Font Font Nursery Rhyme and reading Tchoupi n’aime pas la bagarre.

TPS2 (2.5s) – Ariane

All the children are now able to follow class expectations! They are almost able to share toys, wait, and play with a partner. We count sets of objects to 3 and sometime to 4 !!! We recognize the front cover of a book. We read our names from left to right! We learned spatial vocabulary! Wow! We recognize open and closed lines to create complete sets. 
We learned the Coucou Hibou song!! (“Dans la foret lointaine“)
See you next week!!!

PS (3’s) – Laurence

In language Arts we are:
– manipulating the letters of our 1st name and for certain children their friends’ first names.
– singing the alphabet
– learning a new song: «  dans la forêt lointaine «

In maths:
-more algorithms with 2 things. Most children understand the concept.
– counting objects up to 3.
-6 pieces puzzles.
– tracing numbers with our fingers and  cars.

In « graphisme »:
-by observing trees and leaves we have noticed lots of lines: vertical, concentric, horizontal.
We started a project that will combine them.

In sciences:
– we finished our bonhommes using natural elements and are having fun creating silly faces using different materials.

In art:
— painting leaves and prints of apples dipped in paint.

MS (4’s) – Anne-Cecile

We are still learning about the words first letter. We played a game: the teacher gave us a toy; we had to listen carefully and we had to put it on the right first letter. That was funny!

We also learnt about the book titles. We had 5 titles to pair with books.

One morning we tried to do capital letters with our body, our M and N were really good. But the position was very tricky and uncomfortable.

During this week we explored diagonals with our body first, then with our arms. 

The number 4 has no secret for us now.

 We did algorithm and helped a frog find its lily pad. It had to go through a maze and couldn’t have made it without the help of the students. We practice a lot  ‘inside outside’ (à l’intérieur, à l’extérieur) ‘in and out’ (dedans dehors). But that was very easy for us! We had a lot of fun anyway.

We have been learning a new nursery rhythm: que fait ma main?

In our music time we danced and found new moves that we had to reproduce while we were singing. That was not easy!

On a personal note, I would like to thank you all, Dear Parents, for coming and showing your support last Monday. Special thanks to Ana and Rebecca for the abacus and the wood beads for our class!

A bientôt