Christmas is almost there
This week, we read a story about a little Christmas tree ? and friendship: Le Noël de petit sapin.
In graphics, we worked on the line to draw our Christmas tree. It was difficult but we tried hard.
In mathematics, we refined our visual perception by finding the same character. And we compared length to built the Christmas tree ? but we also glued and put the paper strip from the largest to the smallest.
In science, we connected each mother to her little one. And with the teacher we played to find the sound of the animals.
Look at us, we decorated the wall in front of our class. We put decorations, it was fun. And we did it with the real Christmas tree in the school hallway as well.

Remember we prepare a surprise for the next Friday afternoon.


The 3’s had a very busy week. They worked on object sizes : smallest, small, medium, big. They looked around the room, gathered and identified different sizes of objects. They put their work in practice by organizing their christmas trees from the smallest to the biggest and vice-versa. Santa Claus’s body parts were manipulated to create our December “bonhomme”.

They focused on christmas vocabulary in language arts this week.

All students from L’école started to rehearse together for their christmas program and they all decorated the christmas tree.


– The children worked a lot on the list of students in the class to put in the binders. They wrote the names of all their comrades: 10!
– Decoupage and collage of the “Bonhomme” of the month of December: Santa Claus!
– Memorization and writing of words from L’imagier de Noël.
– Reading books on Christmas books. The children especially loved the story of Lulu, the turtle who saved the last pine tree from the forest and who decorated it with all the animals!