L’Ecole’s team is working on finalizing our exciting summer camps program. All the details will be available online by February 22nd.

2’s – Milaure

This week we discovered shape. As the shapes are all around us, we tried to find some shape through the things we have in our classroom. We found some pillows in square and rectangle shape (carré and rectangle), hula hoops in triangle and round shape (triangle and rond). 
The heart was our favorite shape as we are preparing Valentine’s Day. We painted a heart and marked it with our first name initial. We have also learned a beautiful sentence to say I love you in French: “Je t’aime”.
Math: we are working on the number 1 to 5. We counted things around us and we had to recognize the written number and complete it in a square with the exact number of pompons and little bears. We also solved mazes. The kiddos had to find the right way to the exit. It was a kind of challenging for some of them and easily comprehended by others. We will keep practicing.
Finally this is a reminder for you dear parents, we couldn’t go to the library because the books were not returned on time. The library days are Monday and Tuesday and the books are returned 2 weeks after. Thank you!

3’s – Laurence

We all enjoyed the wonderful spring weather this week. So lovely to have an oasis of warmth in winter!
Maths: – spatial concept
            – writing 0,1, 2
            – dénombrement 
            – sequencing 
I introduced a new game: un tableau à double entrée (double entry table), in which you have to relate information on an horizontal axis and a vertical one. This is used for spatial concept, problem solving and logical thinking.
We will be working on it until the reminder of the year.
We are working on a new activity:  we are reading a little number book 1-10.
It always makes me smile when I change the delivery of the curriculum by using a different support. Kids are fooled every time.
Before I would hear: “numbers? Again!”
Now it’s: “is it time to read our number book yet?” They are loooving it!
On each page the caterpillar’s body gets longer as you go up in numbers.
It’s a lot of work: we count the circles that makes up the body, show the number on our fingers, on the dice and on the number line in front of us.
We started our unit on shapes. The children know: circle, star and heart.
Writing: we are still practicing slanted lines which will help writing the number 2 and some  future letters.
We are manipulating the letters that make up our new month.
The children love to find the magical letter.
Secrets are being well kept regarding our Valentine’s craft…
We now have a new classroom’s friend: Ian.
He is a returning student from 2 years ago. His little brother Rhys is in the 2 year old class. All students welcomed their new friends.
Reminder parents: Wednesday is library day.

4’s – Alexandra

This week we continued the work started with our teacher Anne-Cecile. We did a lot of math using our manipulative tools (numbers 1 to 6) and had a lot of fun playing the memory game “Le chiffre manquant” (the missing number). We are also practicing our writing skills with the number 5 and the letter E.

It’s the start of a new month, Février. Our teacher taught the difference between -e- and -é-. The accent creates a whole new sound! We made sure to remember that when writing “février”. 

We practiced yoga almost every day! We already know the sun salutation and a lot of fun animal poses.  We are learning to calm down and be quiet by playing a listening game with the singing bowl. We even had a chance to ring it! The sound comes from vibrations in the bowl and it tickles our fingers when we touch it. 

We started working on a Valentine’s craft and decided to do a collaborative one for our dear Maîtresse Anne-Cecile. We are using stamps to paint heart shapes on friendship cards. 

We read some new books and a few favorites. We showed our new teacher, Alexandra, how we turn the story “La brouille” into a play. She was very impressed! 

Reminder: library day is on Monday.