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2’s – Milaure

Everybody is excited for the upcoming Carnival! It will take place next Tuesday. Do not forget to dress up your child with his favorite costume for the special occasion! All over the week we have been preparing ourselves for the carnival. We has been talking about the words: « carnaval, masque, costumes, décorations,etc ». We had a choice between making a kitty mask or a panda mask for the occasion. As we all love pandas, we decided to make a little panda mask in white and black. That is so lovely to see! We have learned a song called « Le carnaval est revenu » that you, dear parents, can find on YouTube and keep practicing at home with the kiddos.
Reminder: Don’t forget to return the library books next week.

3’s – Laurence

We reviewed all the shapes learned last month and added: rectangle.
The children worked with a more complexed algorithm that has 3 shapes, 3 different colors and on top of that they had to draw the shapes correctly! They all did a great job.
We continue with the double entry table. It will be an ongoing activity until the end of the year.
The children were asked to find in the alphabet all the letters with slanted lines.
They wrote them down with craft sticks and on paper.
The children picked and decorated their masks for the carnaval.
They are excited to celebrate!

4’s – Anne-Cecile

Carnaval is almost there! We enjoyed preparing the celebration a lot.
We made a garland of paper. We made everything ourselves: first we had to cut paper bands then we glued them to make the decoration. That was funny!
Then we decorated masks with encre and glitter paintings. We added some sequins and a feather. The teacher told us that those kind of masks are called ‘loup’. They were used not to be recognized in a court reception during the 18th century.
But we didn’t forget the shapes. We learnt how to recognize the word ‘carré’, ‘triangle’, ‘rectangle’, and ‘cercle’. We tried to draw them. Some of us are capable to read them. We counted every single object of our kitchen and we had to find the right number on the number line.
We kept reading syllables with ‘p,b,m’. That’s very funny because we create new words with 2,3 or 4 syllables: mabobi or pimo for example.
We have also been learning a new song called: ‘Carnaval est revenu’.

Don’t forget the ‘carnaval’ is on tuesday the 12th. We have to come to school dressed up.