TPS1: Caroline et Clarisse

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS-1

Halloween is now behind us. And now we are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I am so proud and pleased with TPS. Daily routines and transitions are becoming second nature as we continually repeat expectations and model behaviors during circle time and throughout the day. We are emphasizing learning to introduce ourselves with “Je m’appelle” and counting the number of students and teachers who come to school each day. Learning colors, seasons and circle time etiquette is becoming easier and easier. You may hear “sur les fesses” from your little one, meaning sit “on your bottom” and listen to directions from teacher Caroline.
Our vocabulary and conversations is expanding by the day and showing Big Boy/Big Girl language and behavior is a daily goal.
We are having a lot of fun practicing our Holiday songs. We love moving and dancing to the beat. And we have added the following song for our show.
.Ani couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfants
Ani couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfants Ani couni est une petite comptine amérindienne qui plaira aux enfants de tous le…

Our Tchoupi stories for the week highlighted baking as is custom for preparing for Thanksgiving and learning to play nice.
Lecture : T’CHOUPI fait un gâteau

Lecture : T’CHOUPI fait un gâteauT’choupi fait un gâteau au chocolat avec sa maman, mais il est très impatient pour le manger !!! Illustrations :…

 Lecture : T’CHOUPI n’aime pas la bagarre

 Lecture : T’CHOUPI n’aime pas la bagarrePilou pousse Lalou pour monter sur le toboggan et boum ! C’est la bagarre. La maîtresse n’est pas contente et T’…

Our table top activities continued to strengthen fine motor skills,manual dexterity by digging through playdoh for hidden gems, following patterns, counting, recognizing first names, identifying colors, shapes and sizes of farm animals, fruits and vegetables and working on vertical lines and cutting and gluing. This week  we added fun brocolli and cotton balls tree painting and finger painting the first letter of our names. And a beautiful chalk art Turkey.
We step outside every day to check the weather to see if Monsieur Canard can help us find the sun ! He is always willing to help.
Recess and Lunchtime continue to be all about learning how to share, take turns, respecting each other’s personal space and personal belongings, 
And again, thank you and please do not hesitate to ask any questions and share your thoughts. 

TPS2: Ariane

Awesome job! We were super proud of our creations: Congratulations for your Totem!! We learned two songs Api Apple and Anni Couni, waiting for Thanksgiving.
With regard to academic learning, we found the order of the letters of our first name on Pilgrim’s hat. We found the letters of our first name on the big alphabet of the mistress. We still counted as far as possible, maps, toys, pencils and everything we found in the classroom.In graphics, we start our notebook stickers. Papa Mom, it’s a very hard, long and important job for us.
Have an awesome weekend. Remember Monday is a holiday. Students will return to school on Tuesday. ENJOY!

PS: Laurence

In Language Arts the children discovered that some of the letters from the previous month:” Octobre” could be found in the new one: ”Novembre”.
They like to hear the stories about the Native American Indians and are learning new vocabulary.
Our new song is: « Ani Couni ». The children have fun playing the drum and tambourine as we sing it.
In maths we continue our yearlong work on sorting out objects by color, shape, texture, and size.
The children are getting much better at doing puzzles and most of them can do 12 pieces puzzles without looking at the model.

We finished our little turkeys. They look adorable next to the scarecrow!

Reminder: Monday and Tuesday= library days

MS: Anne-Cecile


Thanksgiving is getting closer! As you know we don’t have it in France, but as it’s an important part of American history, we have been talking a lot about it. We have been listening to a song about being thankful! Here is the link:

We also made a Thanksgiving’s craft: we have been building a totem. The teacher let us do whatever we wanted with it. We chose the colors and how to build it. The morning was a bit noisy because we all wanted to share our ideas. We are very proud of our totem even it’s not finished yet.

We also made the Tree of Friendship: all the school students are going to put their hand print on a tree drawing. Check it out in the hallway! 

In math, we are learning the numbers from 5 to 10. Recognize 7,8,9 can be tricky for some of us, we are working hard on it!

We continued to work on vowels  and syllables. 

Our new song is ’Ani Couni’:

We received a video from our friends from Houston. Now we know them better. They asked us questions about what we were learning. We made them a Thanksgiving  craft. 

See you next week
Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Thank You Song | CoCoMelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsThank You Song | CoCoMelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsPreview YouTube video Ani couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfantsAni couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfants