We can now reveal the secret of the Mother’s day!

2’s – Milaure

Happy mother’s day! We have been talking about this coming celebration since few weeks. We made a little gift for our dear «MAMANS». You have made a jam of strawberries all together.
How did we do? We first washed the fresh strawberries, we cut them down, we mixed them with sugar, we made the mixture boil in a giant pan, blend it up with the teachers’ help and added the pectin to make it thick. The result was a yumi jar of jam. On the jar, we sticked few words that express how it was made with love: « Je t’aime maman ». So delicious!


We learned about the word « MAMAN » that has 5 letters and we had to find those letters to rewrite it correctly having a copy of course.
We are also doing a reevaluation of solving puzzles. We are glad to see that most of the kiddos have done many progress. 
We are working on the number 3 in math. We had to recognize how many seeds of bean were placed in a jar and for others we could even reach the number 5. 
Finally, we evaluated the using of  scissors for our fine motor skills. We exercised ourselves on cutting play dough and there is a big change since we started school!

3’s – Laurence

We went to work in the kitchen preparing the strawberries for la confiture. We learned that strawberries are the only fruit that carry its seeds on the outside. We drew, washed them, removed the leaves, and cut them before cooking. The sweet scent filled all rooms of the school.
We learned the letters and sounds of the word “Maman” and wrote it down on the jam labels which we decorated.
The children are very eager to give the present to their moms.
We check our plants daily and are delighted to see the grass growing. We can see the roots through the plastic cup. How exciting !We will bring our plantation back home next week.
Our beans are sprouting. Our class definitely has the green thumb!
We continue to count and match the numbers to the die.
Please remember to bring the library book back next week. We will no longer check books out as we are nearing the end of the school year.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week was very busy.

We learnt how to do strawberry jam. We did it all by ourselves except of course the cooking part.

We washed the strawberries, we took off the leaves then we cut them. The teacher put them in a big pot and we added sugar.

We also had to wash our dishes and our table.

Later we had lots of practice in writing: ‘Pour Maman’ en lower case. We are very talented.

Have you seen our plantations? The herb is growing fast but slower than Laurence’s because we forgot to water them on wednesday! (non it’s because you don’t have a green thumb!! Said Laurence)

We can see their roots through the pot.

But we also started the evaluations. We will continue until the end of the month.

Happy mother’s day!