2’s – Milaure

Happy new year everyone! We thank you all dear parents for your generous Christmas gifts, we really enjoyed them!
For this winter, we are exploring artic animals. We are learning new vocabulary. Our favorite words were: ours polaire, penguin, Morse, phoque… 
We read a lovely story of a polar bear who went in adventure to discover the world. The book is called  “ours blanc” and  we also learned the song “Dans mon pays d’hiver”. 
We even tried to imitate how the seal (le phoque) moves when is out of the water. That was really fun! 
We also made our “bonhomme de janvier” on the black board. 
We did some motor skill exercises, we had a revision on size “grand et petit” and on solving puzzles! We are proud to see how the kiddos are getting better in that! 
Finally, we got our books from the library. We hope you guys enjoy the books for 2 weeks! Thank you 

3’s – Laurence

Winter is upon us.
We discussed our new month in which we’ll celebrate la galette des rois. 
The change of season finally brought cold weather, which prompted a question: how do people or animals live in the cold? What are the animals you would meet on either poles?
What do they eat? ( kids were horrified to hear: each other…) :-
What do people wear to stay warm? 
The children have memorized some of their winter clothes imagier: boots, hat, scarf, gloves.
In maths we concentrated on less and more. They did so by gathering 2 groups of objects , estimating where there were more or less, count them and came to a conclusion.

The 2 words In language arts were: » ours and bonhomme »: letter recognition and writing.
We are learning a new song: “ dans mon pays d’hiver” and the children decorated their snowman.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

The new year started with new activities.

We have been talking about earth. We discovered that it’s very hot close to the middle of the planet but now we know that it’s very cold close to the north pole and the south pole we also learned which animals live there.

We have been reading a new book: ‘Plouk’ and we are learning new songs. Our teacher is rewriting the lyrics of the songs because they are a bit too hard for us, so she will give you the links and the lyrics next week.

We have found out how to make ice! We put water in the fridge but it didn’t work, finally we put it in the freezer and guess what, it worked: all our dinosaurs were sucked in the ice!!

Next experience: Is the temperature outside low enough to make ice? You will have the answer next week!

We played a lot with the alphabet: we had to sort the letters and then we had to find the different ways to write them. We learned how to write the “a” in 2 writings: A and a.

To memorize the numbers, we have been playing a new game called: ‘le facteur n’est pas pas passé’. This is an amazing game! We like playing it a lot.

Thanks a lot for your generosity. In addition to the garage, the cars and the kitchen set we also have received 3 beautiful puzzles. They have 45 pieces each. We will be ready to play with them in a few weeks when some of us are ready.

Happy New Year!