2’s – Anne-Cecile


This week we have been very busy to make your present. First we had to decorate the flower pot with spots, then we put the plant in it. We  also had to find “bonne fête maman” to paste it on the heart then “Bonne fête papa”. Most of us were able to recognize the word “papa” and the word “maman”.

We learnt a nursery rhyme :

Toc, toc, toc
Qui est là?
C’est mon petit coeur qui bat,
Fort fort fort,
pour toi,
Pout toi,

This was very difficult for us but we enjoyed knocking at the door « Toc toc toc » a lot.

But that wasn’t the only thing we did ! We used pompoms to learn the difference between « gros » et « petit », we also used spoons to practice our fine motricity. We pasted squares on our painting : we had to be very concentrate because to respect the right order : from the biggest one on to the smallest.

We have a big news : we are now able to recognize our first name. Every morning in a new ritual we have to find our first name among the others, and then we have to put it on the board. Let’s tell you : It’s far more easy when there are 2 or 3 first names left !!!!

In gross motor skill we used tricycle inside because our teacher find the playground to sloppy for us.

She made us a course with arrows and as you in your car, we weren’t allowed to go in the wrong side of the road. Unfortunatelly we didn’t have enough tricyle for all of us. Some of us were playing with balls to wait.


3’s – Laurence

Study on: le monde végétal. How do things grow?
We put what we learned in application and created a Spring garden… for our wall this time. Drawing, cutting, coloring, gluing, patterning. We were busy all week!
In doing the hallway decoration, we reviewed our lines without realizing it! Tricky teacher ! 🙂
The best part of those 2 past weeks was the finalization of our gifts and cards for Mother’s Day. We all kept our little secret. We pinky swore it! Not much longer to wait to see the excitement and love in our mommy’s eyes.


4’s – Azza

This week, we celebrated Mother’s Day ( La Fête des mères). The kids made a card for Mom saying “Je t’aime Maman” and wishing “Bonne Fête”. We read a poem “ J’appelle Maman” ( I Call Mom).

– Il fait nuit
J’entends la pluie
J’entends le vent
J’appelle ma maman
Refrain :
Heureusement, Maman est là
La voilà, la voilà
Heureusement, Maman est là
Qui me prend dans ses bras.
– Il y a du bruit
En-dessous du lit
C’est peut-être un serpent
J’appelle ma maman
– C’est mon armoire
J’ouvre le tiroir
Il y a du monde dedans
J’appelle ma maman
– Un coup de tonnerre
Et un éclair
Le ciel n’est pas content
J’appelle ma maman
– Dans le grenier
Un fantôme s’est caché
Sous un drap tout blanc
J’appelle ma maman

The kids participated to an art project with the 2 other classes to decorate the school for the Spring Festival.