2’s – Milaure

Happy Easter everyone! We had 2 days of eggs hunt with the kiddos this week. The first day they had to find the eggs well hidden in the playground, and the second day the hunt was inside the school due to inclement weather. Each child could find a least 5 eggs each day. They really enjoyed those moments! Thanks to the parents who offered the eggs for the hunt.
We also talked about where the eggs come from (la poule pond des œufs) and what comes out from real eggs (poussin). We have learned some vocabulary as: « la poule, le poussin, les œufs, le poulailler, le lapin de Pâques, le panier, la fête de Pâques…».

We read a story about Easter (Pâques) called « Peppa fête Pâques ». We had some more activities: library day, fine motor skills activities, painting, puzzles… We keep talking about Spring and the awakening of animals. Enjoy the Easter break, kiddos!

3’s – Laurence

In discovery of the world the children learned about la poule: where it lives, what it eats, how many days it sits on its egg and what covers its body: feathers!
You would be surprised to know how many of my little students replied: “fur” to my question! 
In language arts we learned to write: œuf and poussin.
We worked in sequencing, mazes and counting eggs.
 In « dénombrement »: we are now at #9.
The children are getting better at manipulating two dice.
The Easter egg hunt was a blast!
We even had the visit of a feathery friend!

4’s – Anne-Cecile

The egg hunt was wonderful! Thanks to the parents who brought us the eggs!

On Monday the sun was shining so we found them in the playground. They were very well hidden, it took us time to find them all!!

Unfortunately it was raining on Tuesday. We found the eggs in the library, in the hallway and even in Rohan and henry’s rain boots!! It was a lot of fun too.

But we didn’t forget to work! We learnt a lot about the ‘V,v’. We had to listen to  words carefully to hear if there was a ‘v’ in it.

We continue doing additions with 2 dice. We have to memorise the sum because the child with the biggest sum is the winner.

We are now focusing on writing letters. We write every day. Most of us now write in script.

We find our new bulletin board really beautiful! Don’t you think?