January is the month of the Galette des rois in France

For children it’s an opportunity to work on shapes : rond, square, triangle, and sizes
We made our “galette” in art and kraft workshop : painting inside the circle, sticking band of paper  for streaks
we worked on sizes, the goal was to classify the “galette” : compare objects by size
But last week was so cold and snowy, we took the opportunity to work on the body shape with the snowman and we decorated our board with them. It is looking really nice, don’t you think so?
We read two story about “la galette” and winter.
Kids are amazing, they love to work, so they kept learning to write the first letter of their first name. And they do their best and make real progress.


We’ve had an active 2 weeks back to school, (minus the snow day).
Au programme: we finished the background for our schéma corporel study. The children created a moving circle around their feet by using different media and tools to leave marks in the paint.

January is le mois de la galette. We read a few books about it that will generate some work on the subject. The children think it’s a delicious and cute tradition.

In graphisme we worked on quadrillage and created our own galette which immediately became a fun art work to decorate the hallway with. In doing so, we continued our shape unit: circles, triangles, squares. The rectangle was introduced.

We’ll be singing J’aime la Galette for quite a while!


We talked about the Galette des Rois and learned the vocabulary with the Imagier. The children did a project of art and graphism on the king cake and on the bonhomme. They also cut and drew geometric shapes as part of our work on colors and shapes. The children exhibited their creations on the bulletin board 🙂
They also worked on the identification of shapes and their characteristics (eg difference between square and rectangle etc).
They practice their writing and spelling on those same words : triangle carré cercle