2’s – Milaure

We keep practicing on the recognition of the first name initial and the recognition of the other students. We revised on the parts of the body and we had to complete our “ BONHOMME” with the missing part: YEUX BOUCHE NEZ, MAINS, PIEDS. Then we enjoyed doing an imprint of one part of the body in the play dough: LE PIED (foot).

This week, we discovered the weather with SOLEIL PLUIE NUAGE ET VENT. We made the difference between CHAUD (hot) ET FROID (cold) feelling water with our hands. The students had to fill up 2 bottles with hot water for the one with a red sticker and cold water for the one with a blue sticker. They loved playing with water and it was not that easy for some of them to fill up the bottles. That helps to build their fine motor skills.

Also we are working on the number 1 (UN), on matching game, on sorts game (GRAND/PETIT) with the little bears and on making categories. We made the difference between FILLE (girl) ET GARCON (boy).

Since we have started school, here are the nursery rhytms we are working on: FRERE JACQUES, C’EST LA BALEINE, VOLE VOLE PAPILLON, POMME DE REINETTE ET POMME D’API, DANS LA FORET LOINTAINE. We encourage you to practice with your children at home as you can find all the songs on YOU TUBE.

This week was pretty short due to the weather and we hope to have more fun time for the coming week.

3’s – Laurence

In « graphisme » we continue our work on horizontal and vertical lines.
After tracing them in the air we had to find them in the class. We saw them on the beach towel, socks, tee-shirts, the ??, the door frame,?,bricks, trees, power lines. We came to the conclusion that lines are EVERYWHERE!
We used craft sticks to make vertical lines so we could cage the zoo animals.
We cut vertical stripes of colored paper and glued them.
We practiced tracing them on the board and traced them inside our initial.
We build  horizontal lines by using any  objects in the class. We had to remember that the line starts at the windows ( left), and ends at the wall (right).
We were reminded that this is how we read and write.
We studied the artist Jean Dubuffet and created a cute art work on display in the hallway.
We continue to develop our fine motor skills and proper letter tracing exercises in sand and cornmeal.
The children are manipulating letters by playing matching games with their initials.
Inspired by Washington’s ? lots of ? appeared in the court yard.
PLEASE, make sure to return the library book your child checks out on Wednesday. We had a few sad kittens yesterday.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week was shorter than expected. We worked a lot on the days of the week. We had to compare the letters in order to recognize the words. We saw, as an example, that ‘dimanche’ is the only day of the week that is not ending by ‘di’ but it is beginning with it. ‘Jeudi’ first letter is the same as Jackie’s….

Some of us were even able to put the days in the correct order without any copy model !!! How smart we are!!

We played a new game : we had to put the name of the children and their photos together. It’s much more difficult than it looks. The differences between Zoe and Zack are very tiny for someone who can’t read yet !!!

We didn’t forget to work on the rimes again. This time we had to listen carefully to the end of the words to find if it was the same or not. If it was we had to paste the picture in the right place. Tricky too !!

The number 4 has almost no secret left for us…We counted pearls, we did puzzles, we wrote it, we broke it down (2+2, 1+3..)…. and we learnt a new song ! Here it is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbYzSkejYyA

In « explorer le monde » we talked about bones. We put like a plaster on our legs and arms and we couldn’t walk, run, sit on the floor or scratch our head.. That was very unexpected et very funny !