This week we worked on vertical lines. We made cages for our animals and towers with blocks .We painted vertical lines up to down with a large gesture. We used two colors in two different times.
To practice our gross motor skills, we learnt how to do giant strides between two chairs. Fortunately our teacher was there to help us, it was a bit scary!!
We also had our first yoga session: we tried to relax and then we woke up all our body’s parts. Ask me and I will show you.


Maths: 1-5. The children were asked to read the numbers, show them on the hand, count out the correct number of blocks and glue the correct number of presents. We wrote 5 and found it on a magic coloring.
April’s bonhomme… or woman.
The color game! The children are still not tired of playing it!


This week, we introduced the theme of the weather ( la météo). We learned the vocabulary related to this topic. The kids manipulated uppercase and lowercase letters and reconstructed words. In order to prepare them for kindergarten, they copied a list of words directly from the board. The kids did math counting and writing numbers from 10 to 19.