This week in the 2’s classroom, we learned to make round, big and small. Thanks to apple.
And with apple trees, we also learned that yellow and blue make green.
Our favorite nursery rhymes is : Pomme de reinette et pomme d’Api  (2 different kinds of apple)


Fall is here. The 3’s learned about season and review all the vocabulary around it.
What’s in the forest? What live in the forest? What falls from trees? which colors are they?
They made a collage after sorting the differents images, keeping only those related to the theme.
They told the teacher what is on each image and then couldn’t help telling some personnal story about trees, forest, squirrels 🙂


This month everybody at l’école has been learning about Le corps humain, human body.

In the 4’s classroom, children cut and paste the different parts of the face to review and memorize the vocabulary.
There was a discussion about the 5 human senses, and they have been really creative when they have been asked to make a Bonhomme :