In the news this week: all classes started their yearlong unit on the tree.

TPS1 – Milaure

The TPS1 are getting used to being at school, learning their routine and surroundings. They made a tree using their hand prints. They are learning a new song called “les jours de la semaine” by Pierre Lopez.

TPS2 – Ariane

The TPS2 are working on the body’s vocabulary. They are learning a song about the hand called “Que fait ma main?“. And they decorated their binders.

PS (3’s) – Laurence

The PS are working on the artwork to illustrate their hooks and their binders. They collected nature’s tresors and created some cute bonhommes. They are learning:”vive la rentrée” et “pomme de reinette”.

MS (4’s) – Anne-Cecile

The MS are working on vertical lines. They wrote their names using sticks. They did a great job creating owls to decorate their hooks. Their are learning: “la chanson de l’école“.