Reminder : no school on Monday!


2’s – Milaure

After having a great Halloween, this week we had a new theme: LES LEGUMES (vegetables). As we previously learned about fruits, we discovered some vocabulary of the vegetables used by mommy or daddy to make their soup at home : AUBERGINE, CAROTTE, POMME DE TERRE, OIGNON, BROCOLLI, CHAMPIGNONS, HARICOT VERT,…

Dear parents, please don’t forget to take a look on Laurence’s door (3’s class), there is a sign up sheet to generously bring us vegetables next week. It’s always easier to talk about vegetables while we have them in real!

Also, our favorite book was: “TCHOUPI MANGE A LA CANTINE” and we keep singing the nusery rhymes we’ve learned so far ( POMME DE REINETTE ET POMME D’API, DANS LA FORÊT LOINTAINE, FRÈRE JACQUES,…).

In graphics, we are working on the vertical line. We used divers ways to make vertical lines; we lined up dominos, chairs,even ourselves and we made vertical lines using chalks on the black board and markers on papers.

In mathematics, we are exploring algorithms and we keep sorting out things according to their color or their shape.

We apologize for not being able to go to the library this week. Starting next week, we will be going to the library every two weeks so that the students have more time to enjoy the book with the parents. Our library days will be on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you ?



3’s – Laurence

We started our vegetable unit.
We first talked about what we thought were vegetable.We compared them to  fruit.
This time fruit was put aside in the correct category.Yeah!
We discussed that vegetables grow in the ground or underground, they don’t have seeds on or inside them.
We remembered that fruit have seeds and taste sweeter than veggies. We eat them for breakfast, snack or dessert.
We sorted them out by sizes and colors. We learned that vegetables are an edible portion of the plant.
Sometimes we eat the stem ( celery), the flower ( brocoli), the leaves (lettuce), the roots ( carrot).
We continue to practice our algorithms.
We took advantage of the warmer weather to clean the herb garden.
We soon will be using some herbs to put in our friendship soup.
Make sure you look at the sign up sheet at my door to bring vegetables for study.




4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we began to speak about syllables. We had to find the number of syllables in a word: we clapped our hands on each one. Then we put the picture of the word in the right house. We began with our names. One night a ghost came and mixed all the pictures, so we had to do our work again!!!

The art work about Mondrian is finished, we did a very  good job!! You can see it next to the door of our classroom.

We did a maths’ work to illustrate the song ‘j’ai 4 plumes à mon chapeau’. We had to paste 4 ‘plumes’, ‘3 fleurs’, ‘2 feuilles’ et ‘1 trou’ on a picture of hat.

We also practiced the song ‘j’aime les fruits’. We used percussions, that was a lot of fun.

We talked about the balanced diet. Is it healthy to eat candies all day? What does our skeleton need to grow?…

This month we are going to begin a new theme. We are going to learn a lot about vegetable. We are going to taste some of them and draw them.

We are learning a new song ‘ tous les legumes au clair de lune’.

We need you again to bring some vegetables. Please check the sign up sheet at Laurence’ s door.