L’Ecole is very excited to have opened its doors full time for the 2021-2022 school year! 

This had been a dream for many year, and took a thorough application process through the Wake County Education Department. With four preschool classes, our students can now benefit from our French immersive curriculum full time. 

Our preschool teachers have been working hard on all aspects of this new program; from rethinking the classes daily routine, to incorporating more opportunities to learn and play, and of course setting time aside everyday for “la sieste”. 

Additionally, L’Ecole has taken into account the specific needs of certain families. We now offer a before and after school care program. To meet the needs of our growing community, the preschool has welcomed 3 (soon to be 4!) new native French speaking teachers and teacher assistants.  

As we settle nicely into our new schedules and programs, we are thankful for our existing and new preschool staff for their hard work and dedication these past few months. 

And what better way to celebrate L’Ecole’s big milestone than by offering our staff and students a day of celebration? On October 29th, superheroes and fantastic creatures swarmed the hallways for our traditional fall fest.  The event room was decked out for fall with close to 100 pumpkins, banners, signs and more. Thanks to our families generous contributions, children and staff enjoyed a day filled with spook, fun, apple cider and cookies. One thousand thank you to all of those who contributed to this event’s success. 

2021-2022 has also marked the opening of L’Ecole’s Elementary school! But that will be the focus of our next newsletter.