French Summer camps

– from June to August every year –

All our full immersion Summer camps take place in our school, and are filled with arts & crafts, songs, games, a french lesson* and water play (weather permitting).
*Learn french!
Get a fun introduction to the french language.
The campers learn catch phrases, polite words, colors, numbers, french songs and vocabulary related to the theme of the week.

2020 Summer Camps

June 15-19 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.): Sea Creatures

Come and explore the deep blue sea and its wonders. You will be learning about marine life through lessons, songs, crafts and games.
The underwater world will have no more secrets for you.

June 15-19: P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.) Natured Inspired Discovery Crafts

Let’s grab a paper bag and take a walk to pick up some sticks, pinecones, flowers, sticks, leaves and rocks.
Our campers will make some crafts with natural and recycled elements including planting a flower in decorated pots, making dream catchers, wind chimes, cactus pet rocks, pinecone creatures, stick figures, stress balls and much more!

June 22-26 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.): Safari

Let’s get into the jeep! En route to Kenya! We’re going on a safari to learn about the African animals and the savannah. You’ll hove fun creating art inspired by what you study.

June 22-26 P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.) Africa

This week our travels will take us through a few African countries such as: Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. We’ll learn about the Maasaï tribe, and learn a few words. I inspired by the multicultural Adire, Adinkra, Kente and mud designs we will create gorgeous artwork to take back home. Are you ready for the adventure?

June 29- July 3 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.) Kids’ Vet School

The vet school is enrolling for the summer program! Our medicine students will be learning facts about domestic animals, give shots, use a stethoscope, take temperatures, practice suturing and mend broken bones. They will relax after class with arts and crafts related to their studies.
*There will be a surprise on graduation day!

June 29- July 3 P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.) Silly Science

Put on your science goggles and get ready to do some hands-on science experiments such as: floating sticks, magic milk science, soda explosions, slime making, dancing spider races and much more!

July 6 to 10 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.): Mini Picasso

Join us in the art shop and create some fun art while learning about famous artists such as: Matisse, Picasso, Seurat and Kandinsky.
Your imagination is the limit!

July 6 to July 10 P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.): Art Camp

Everyone has heard of famous artists such as Picasso, Haring, and Matisse. Do you think you can replicate their famous artwork? Calling all artists to the art studio! You’ll be making your own masterpiece. Will it be hung in the museum?

July 13 to July 17 A.M (2.5 – 5 y.o.) and P.M (6 – 11 y.o.): FRANCE

Bonjour les amis! Climb on your bicycle and let’s pedal through the different regions of France. We will learn the language, the culture, the cuisine ( we will be sampling a few delicious things), the sports, the hobbies and the history. Oh là là! What fun we will have!

July 20 to 24 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.) and P.M (6 – 11 y.o.): STEM

This week we are calling on all engineers, builders and inventors to create some out of this world structures.
Your building, problem solving and thinking skills will be put to the test as many challenges are dropped on you! Which team will win the design contest? (Wednesday is: eat your construction day!)

July 27 to 31 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.): Rock Art Camp

Calling on all my little artists! Will you want a smiley, a cute panda, a mouse, a super-hero, a flower decorating your rock? Your imagination is the limit! Bring home your creations, play or use them as decorations.

July 27 to 31 P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.): Rock Art Camp

Back by popular demand! Calling on all my former campers, and new ones of course! Take your brushes and acrylic paint out. It’s time to get creative! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with this summer! Bring home your creations and impress your family and friends!

August 3 to 7 A.M (2.5 – 5 yo) and P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.): INDIA

Join us as we embark on a once in a lifetime expedition to the birthplace of the oldest civilizations in the world. As you travel through this magnificent country, you’ll be greeted by diverse cuisines, languages, music, sports, arts and crafts and history. Your senses will be on overload! Book your plane ticket now!
*We’ll be sampling food, desserts and drinks.

August 10 to 14 A.M. (2.5 – 5 y.o.): Trouble in the Castle

There’s a prankster living within the castle walls! The princess is locked in the dungeon, there is a dragon on the loose, the cook is missing and the drawbridge gate was left open. We need help from courageous knights to solve the mystery and to defend the castle!

August 10 to 14 P.M. (6 – 11 y.o.): Medieval Times

Join us as we travel through time back to the Middle Ages in France. You’ll learn lots of facts about what life was really like back then. How did people live, what did they eat, what were their hobbies? Experience history through books, documentaries, role playing, songs and arts and crafts.

Camps details

– AM camps: from 9 am to 1 pm
– PM camps: from 2 pm to 6 pm

5510 Munford Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

Tuition and Registration

Early Bird Registration

$185 / week Before March 15

After March 15:

$215 / week for Preschool
$235 / week for Afterschool
if you register for 1 or 2 weeks

if you register for 3-4 weeks

if you register for 5weeks or more

10% Discount for siblings

$15 supply fees per week

Cancellation Policy

80% Refund for cancellation before May 1st
No refund after May 1st.

Camps are subject to cancellation if no more than 3 children enroll per camp.

To bring:

A.M. lunch
P.M. snack
Sunscreen, change of clothes, hat or cap,  big water bottle.