K-12 French Afterschool programs in Raleigh, NC

We offer 2 different French afterschool programs:

  • French for Native speaker / Francais Langue Maternelle : FLAM
  • French for non-native speaker / Francais Langue Etrangere : FLE

As for all extracurricular activities, our afterschool classes will require effort and commitment on behalf of both the student and the parents. We believe that the frequency of the classes, the quality of our teachers, and the fostering of a positive learning environment help create an experience that is both fun and educational, and leads to benefits that will last a lifetime.

2021-22 school year: September – June

  • FLAM schedule & rates
    • Tuesday+Thursday, 4:30-6pm: $232/month (>2 students)
    • Monday, 4:30-6pm: $105/month (>2 students)
    • Wednesday, 4:30-6pm: $114/month (>2 students) 
    • Saturday, 9:30-12pm: $175/month (>2 students)

    Equivalent of grades  K-5  in the American school system.

    • Kindergarten: GS (Grande Section de Maternelle)
    • 1st grade: CP (Cours Préparatoire)
    • 2nd grade: CE1 (Cours élémentaire 1)
    • 3rd grade: CE2 (Cours élémentaire 2)
    • 4th grade: CM1 (Cours Moyen 1)
    • 5th grade: CM2 (Cours Moyen 2)

      Middle and High schoolers usually meet only once a week. We arrange small group depending on each student availability, or private lessons.

  • FLE schedule & rates


    • Monday, 4:30-6pm: $105/month (>2 students) or $132/month (2 students)
    • Wednesday, 4:30-6pm: $108/month (>2 students) or $144/month (2 students)
    • Saturday, 9:30am-12pm: $164/month (>2 students)

    Level of french from the “Cadre Europeen Commun de Reference” (CECR):

    • A1: Beginner
    • A2: Elementary
    • B1: Intermediate
    • B2: Upper Intermediate
    • C1: Advance
    • C2: Proficiency

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