Halloween, Halloween is coming

This week, we continued working on the body scheme. But we used others mediums like play dough to make our handprint for example or paintings for footprints.
The subject of Halloween helps us to improve this work (our little cute wish is upside down, she needs our help to be in the right way) to enhance our vocabulary, to play with words.

Happy Halloween to y’all


The kids worked all together on being able to verbalize the different body parts (tete, epaules, genoux, pieds, mains, cou, yeux, nez, bouche, Oreille….)

Vocabulary of the human body has been review with the bingo game.

They have been asked at differents occasion to make a representation of a bonhomme by using what’s around them: at the playground, in the class, using one of theirpeers. The children were very creative!


 This week Graphism was about doing handprint or footprint. The children first made the decoupage and collage and then the drawings they chose from the Graphic Dictionary. They then did their fingerprints and put black paint quite everywhere because it tickled them!!! They had fun !!!

Then they worked on the identification of the different parts of the body of a Bonhomme and they wrote  labels. They did a good job knowing that it was going to be hooked! They did a job worthy of the class “des grands”!