November begin and leaves adorn themselves with the autumn colors
This past week we have been playing with our name, trying to recognize it on the tree of first names when the teacher ask :
– “C’est à qui?”.
Then we searched for the first letter of our first name. It’s difficult but we tried very hard. Some of us, the oldest, even wrote this first letter! Drawing our “bonhomme” was very funny, and we were very proud to do it. This week our nursery rhythm was : “Le grand cerf dans la fôret” and we liked it because it was funny to make the gestures and to shake hands.


The 3’s continue to work on their first names: recognition, order of the letters : we read from left to right,  different type of letters. They also trained they hand muscles and fingers for writing by drawing lots of little “ponts”.
And more bonhommes in art to reinforce vocabulary and self-conscieuness, sharpen creativity by using things that surround them and follow the Autumn theme : leaves


Autumn has been everywhere since November started…
Practicing Upper and Lower case with the Autumn words such as November, champignon, feuille, marron, gland, pomme, etc…
Making beautiful piece of art with leaves and decoupage, reviewing numbers and numerate animals.