TPS1: Milaure et Clarisse

Bonjour everyone! This week everything was about Christmas: the new words ( sapin, traîneau, père noël, cadeaux, renne), Christmas colors (rouge, vert, blanc), the book of the week (Tchoupi fête Noel), the song (Le père noël est enrhumé), the artwork (Christmas trees and Santa Claus), the rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas party… We are just ready for Christmas! We also learned about our facial mimiques while expressing our feelings and we have learned a song that goes with it called “bonjour mes amis comment ça va?” Dear parents of the TPS1, the last week before the holiday break, you will receive your child folder. You can explore it together at home during the break time to have an idea of what we have done so far and you will bring it back to us next year in January when we come back for school. Merci!

TPS2: Ariane

Bonjour,We were so happy to meet our new friend, Oliver!! On Tuesday we spent a long break to enjoy playing outdoors during this wonderful day with a spring climate.a
We were proud and happy to reinvest our knowledge of shapes and colors to play our new game!
We built our game path, following an algorithm of colors. Then we had to consider 2 criteria: the form and the color to succeed to advance our pawns!!!  Fantastic new skills.
We visualized and manipulated the 3 sides of the triangle by making from 3 sticks the little red-nosed reindeer: Rudophe.
Regarding your tree project we observed that all the leaves had fallen.  We watched the end of autumn.  Winter is coming;) …
And we were celebrating Liana’s 3 years with delicious cupcakes with blueberries.
La Tps d’ArianeÀ lundi!!

PS: Laurence

We are learning new letters! Using our detective eyes, our job is to find the letters that make up the new words related to Christmas. We found out that if you put an accent on: « e « it changes its name and its sound. We thought it was cute that: ”Noël” has two snowflakes on top!

We are continuing to work on our Christmas vocabulary with the use of our imagier. The children have memorized quite a few words: sapin, père Noël, boule, traîneau and of course: cadeau.
The Christmas bingo game was introduced to strengthen the new vocabulary.
We practiced writing the number five. This one is a hard one!
We are learning our Shapes: triangle, circle and star.
We are rehearsing all of our songs for the program, reading Christmas books, doing Christmas puzzles and putting the final touch on our surprise for our mommies.

MS: Anne-Cécile


This week message is going to be short. We are still learning  additions and very simple substractions. 

We are now pretty good at finding things in the classroom with a ‘i’; we are now ready to practice the exercise on a sheet of paper on our own. we counted the words in the ‘i’ sentence we created; ‘Le gorille sourit à la girafe’.

Our Christmas crafts are going well. We are very proud of our art


We rehearse our songs everyday to do our best for the Christmas show. We are quite certain to impress you!

A bientôt