(1) Elementary School Expansion

We have seen wild success in our elementary school growth since its opening in 2021, and continue to receive new students locally and who relocate to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas.

Most recently, we have welcomed new families from as far as France, New York, California and Florida.

L’Ecole continues to expand our elementary school which now goes through the 5th grade, enriching our children with an elite education taught in both French and English.

(2) School Accreditation

The Lécole is now in the process of applying for Accreditation through the French Ministry of Education and AEFE (French Agency for the Advancement of French Abroad) to join an elite list of schools around the world proud to teach your children about French language, French Culture and provide them with an elite education in the North Carolina area.

(3) Lycée Planning & Execution

Lécole’s Board and Leadership Team are actively planning the school’s expansion from an École to a “Lycée”, the French word for a school spanning from pre-Kindergarden all the way through High School.

We are so excited for this growth path and look forward to seeing your children off to some of the country’s best colleges, many of which are in our own backyard.

(4) School Infrastructure Relocation & Expansion

Big goals require a bigger footprint. The school is in need of larger and more adequate facilities to educate your children.

We are launching our Growth Campaign, led by our Founder, Marie-Claire Ribeill, which will provide us the footprint to serve our children and the local french community at large.