Clarisse Materanya

2 year olds/ Très Petite Section 1 / TPS 1- Lead Teacher

My name is Clarisse Materanya. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I emigrated to the US in 2010, and became a US citizen in 2015. I am a happily married woman with four beautiful children the last two of whom are fraternal twins. I came to the US with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, with a concentration in financial management from the University of Kinshasa. Then, I obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting from Strayer University Raleigh/US. Since my husband worked overseas, I was a dedicated mother to my four children until the last ones reached the age of four. This gave me a real opportunity to re-discover myself and to embrace that inner passion inside of me; the desire for taking those little angels through the premises of human life as a childhood educator with assurance and confidence. My French native background has offered me an incredible plus, and joining “L’école,” the French School of North Carolina, has given me a real opportunity to share my passion as well as to live it day-after-day as a teacher assistant, and since 2020 as an accountant too.

Roseline Tiev

2 Year olds / Très Petite Section 1/ TPS1- Teacher Assistant

Hello, my name is Roseline Tiev I was born and raised in France, and I arrived in Raleigh in February 2022 following an international work opportunity from my husband. We have a little boy named Anaël who is 7 years old. I am very happy that our family project of moving in the US has become reality because it allows me to achieve a childhood dream : to be in the education with young children. I’m very lucky that L’Ecole is offering me a job as an assistant teacher. I am a calm, caring and attentive person. I look forward to support your child in his/her journey of learning how to live in a community and introducing them to our wonderful French culture. I am happy to participate in their first steps, or continue for some of them, in teaching the French language.

Aurelia Rascle

Young 3 Year Olds / Très Petite Section 2/ TPS 2- Aurélia Rascle - Lead TeacherYoung 3 Year Olds / Très Petite Section 2/ TPS 2- Lead Teacher

My name is Aurelia Rascle, I am French, I moved to the US in January 2021 and I arrived in NC in September.

In France I used to be an assistant teacher and a youth leader for few years. I worked with children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years old. Three years ago, I started studying psychology. My aim is to become a family therapist and work in child protective services. Childhood is a very important period and I’m glad to help children to develop all their potential in the best environment. I also loved to be involved in my community by working in nonprofit organizations who help to improve inclusion for people with disabilities. For my free time, I love to bake, craft, and sew a lot.

Marilyn Mutabe

Young 3 Year Olds/ Très Petite Section 2/ TPS 2 - Teacher Assistant

Milaure Muteba

3 year Olds/ Petite Section/ PS - Lead Teacher

I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a Medical doctor; I obtained my bachelor degree in 2015 to the Protestant University of Congo. The children are my passion and my greatest dream is to become a pediatrician. I am married to a wonderful man and we are both parents of an adorable little girl. My experience as a young mother has allowed me to get all the beneficial knowledge in the education of a child such as ability to listen, communication, anticipation, sense of responsibility, organization and creativity (artistic and musical). I always love to work with children and I give my best to bring attention and security to them. It has been two years and a half since I joined my husband to the USA. I started working at l’Ecole as an assistant teacher first, then as a teacher, having been trained by a very talented teacher from France. I still like to learn from the other French teachers around me that have much experience and are always happy to help. I have a background in pediatric psychology that gives me another advantage to care for the children. I am young, full of energy and good ideas, naturally a very patient person, nice and especially attentive. I currently teach French in the 3 years old classroom at l’Ecole and it is really a pleasure to contribute to the instruction and the education of those children.

Bijou Cheruga

3 Year Olds - Teacher Assistant

My name is Bijou Cheruga, I am in school at Waketech Community College in the Medical Office Administration- Healthcare Administration Program.

I am originally from D.R.C( Democratic Republic of Congo). I graduated from High School, and went to University where I obtained my Bachelor degree in Organization of Communication in 2011 from IFASIC (Institut Facultaire des Sciences de L’Information et de la Communication)That is one of the biggest universities in my country .

 I moved to the USA 10 years ago. First,I lived in Kentucky for 3 years and in Utah for 1 year.  I came to North Carolina in December 2015. In 2013, I decided to go back to school. I took English as a Second Language classes to improve my English. During the same year I did CNA training and received a certificate in it.

I am  a very caring person who loves children.  My goal is to be the best at everything I do in my life.

I have a beautiful, lovely daughter who is my everything and makes me a proud mom for what she does at her age.

Amandine Garot

4 Year olds/ Pre-K / Moyenne Section/ MS - Lead Teacher

A native of Annecy, France, Amandine Garot emigrated to the United States in 2015. Initially working in administration and hospitality, her journey, after the birth of her two children, eventually led her to Portland. Finding her passion in early childhood Amandine worked at Atlas Immersion Academy until 2019 after which she transitioned to L’Etoile to work in Petite and Moyenne section. Amandine loves to create warm, inclusive spaces that honor a child’s most important work: to play, move, express through the arts, and explore outside in nature. In her personal time she enjoys spending family time at the river, cooking, and traveling. She will join l’école in September  2022, as Lead Teacher of the 4 year old / Pre-K/ Moyenne section class

Rebecca Rumpf

Baby & Me - Lead Teacher

I was born and raised in South Carolina, where I attended and graduated from Clemson University with a BA in French Language. During my university studies, I spent a semester at l’Université de Rennes II, Haute-Bretagne. I taught English at the Lycée Allende, l’École Montmorency and l’École Quesnel, all of which are in Hérouville-St. Clair. After completing this assistantship in Normandy, I earned an MA in French from Middlebury College in Vermont and Paris. In the U.S., I have taught high school and elementary school in Vermont,

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